What is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. Found in nature and ancient civilizations, vertical gardens have been thriving for centuries on walls all over the world.

How does a vertical garden work?

Nutrient-rich water flows over a vertical surface to feed the roots which keeps the plants alive.

How do you water a vertical garden?

Water is supplied to the top row of pockets which then tapers down through the felt and can be supplied by drip irrigation or hand watered.
What kind of plants can be grown in a vertical garden?

Most plants can be grown when they receive the proper light, water and nutrient requirements.
Can you grow vertical gardens indoors?

Vertical gardens can be grown indoors in specially-prepared waterproof areas. Water collection trays at the base are needed to drain away excess water.

What if a plant dies?

Florafelt Vertical Planters are designed for the easy removal and replacement of existing plants. Simply remove the root of the dead plant and replace with fresh plants.

How much light does a vertical garden need?

Plants are rated from those that require shade to those that require full sun. Houseplants are generally grown in low-light indoor situations whereas succulents mostly prefer direct sun. All plants need adequate light to thrive, however some plants will burn in direct sunlight. Choosing the right plants is critical for success in any garden. Ask your local greenhouse, garden centre, or landscaper for advice on the type of plants that will be best for your situation.

Where can I get plants for my vertical garden?

You can find great plants at your local garden centre or plant nursery, as well as gain good advice from their staff.

Do plants filter the air?

Plants consume carbon dioxide and ... toxins. They suck them out of the air, and in return provide valuable oxygen.
Does the temperature affect the quality of the modules?
The felt on Florafelt Vertical Planters is made from polyethylene which can withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees up to 105 degrees Calsius.
How do you attach them?

Florafelt Vertical Planters can be hung from the top tabs with 2 hooks or nails. They can be more permanently attached by using screws and washers behind the felt edges.

Can you grow herbs in them?

Yes. Herbs grow great in Florafelt Vertical Planters, as long as they receive the proper light and water requirements.
What kind of modules are available?

We are the only Plants on Walls distributor in Poland. We offer two sizes of panels for green walls but they can be cut to create any size or shape.
How long will they last?

Florafelt Vertical Planters are durable and can be used for many years if properly cared for. They can also be cleaned and reused for seasonal plantings.

How often do you water them?

Watering cycles vary with plant choices. House plants may need watering twice a week whereas outdoor plants may require daily watering.
Do they create humidity in the room?

Florafelt Vertical Planters are great for providing a desirable amount of humidity to your environment, especially near the plants themselves which helps them thrive.

Can you grow food on them?

Vegetables can be grown in Florafelt Vertical Planters with the proper nutrients, water and light.

Do they get mouldy?

Florafelt Vertical Planters taper water through the back surfaces and become dry between watering cycles which prevents mould from growing.

Can they take heavy rainfall?

The felt in Florafelt Vertical Planters can take heavy rain because water is not held by the fabric and quickly wicks out of the felt.
Who do I have to consult when I want to create a vertical garden?

We advise you to consult a landscape architect to advise you of the appropriate plants and to tell you how to cultivate them.
How much does the living wall weigh?

Unplanted, Florafelt Vertical Planters weigh 7,3 kg/square metre. Planted and wet they weigh about 24,5 kg/square metre.

Can I plant on curved columns?

Yes. Florafelt Vertical Planters can be cut to any size that can be mounted to various shapes.

Can they be moved?

Florafelt Vertical Planters are great for mobility because they are a lightweight and rigid plastic panel. A 24-pocket (61 cm x 81 cm) full-sized planted panel can weigh up to 22 kg, which is easily transportable.

Can you move or rearrange plants?

Yes. Plants can be easily rearranged with or without Root Wrappers. If plants have been growing for years in the panels, their roots may be well established and difficult to remove.

Are they OK to use around kids and pets?

Florafelt Vertical Planters can be mounted out of the reach of children and pets. You should only choose safe plant types. The panels themselves are non-toxic, but are not recommended where they can be exposed to damage by children or pets.
How far will the plants project out from the living wall?

It depends what kind of plants are chosen. We assume an average of about 15 cm. A full green wall can project out about 25 cm.