The concept of gardening climbed to new heights. And it climbed up literally,
because on the walls of our buildings. It is determined by many different names -
vertical gardens, living walls or green walls. There's a reason that this relatively new
form of gardening developing rapidly around the world.
In addition to aesthetic qualities, it have many other advantages as:
temperatures reduction in buildings, air filtration, beautiful cover of construction
noise reduction. They have positive effect on well-being, help relax and rest.

Implicit argument for the introduction of vertical gardens both for our environment
outside and inside our buildings is the fact that the entire installation of green walls
extremely little space in relation to the amount of green that is incorporated.

Today, every plants lover can create their own vertical garden according to individual vision.
A huge palette of
colors and textures of plants used in the realization of green walls allow you to perform a variety of impressive combination.

You have more options than you think! Let work your imagination and create something unique. With such systems as FLORAFELT you can at any time change your mind and rearrange your garden. It is incredibly simple!

So go to work! Experiment with plants. Your vertical garden is your vision of nature!

vertical gardens